Day: February 19, 2020

Why You Need To Act Now

The importance of preparing for retirement by having a plan beyond collecting a pension and dangers of not doing so

Why You Can Still Pursue Your Dreams

How To Ensure You Are Still Able To Follow Your Entrepreneurial Path The company you work for decides to declare you redundant and lay you off. You find yourself suddenly out of a job. This could be the very real reality for any one to face. Fortunately for you, you’ve been in pensionable employment and […]

Why Pensions Can Be A Nightmare

Stressed female holding temples

Understand Why Your Company Need a Professional Pensions Administrator It’s the time of year when you’re involved in strategic planning for the coming year. And one consideration you have on your checklist is that of compensation or remuneration packages. So,nowadays employees are looking for more within what you are offering them, and that is some […]

The Shocking Reason Many People Don’t Have A Pension Scheme

The Reason So Many Companies Are Comfortable With The Futures Of Their Staff So Unsecure Pension is a prickly subject for most companies to address, however pensions need not be the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone ignores. We look at some of shocking reasons many people don’t have a pension scheme and hope […]

Identifying a Great Pension Scheme

How To Recognise The Key Elements of A Great Pension Scheme What does your ideal pension scheme look like? Do you know the steps in identifying a great pension scheme? If you do not now would be a good time to learn. Before you sign up to the first one you see, a little due […]

Can You Really Trust a Pension

Are Pensions As Reliable As We Are Made To Think? Not much has been said about the reliability of pension schemes in helping you secure your financial future. Hence the question “Can you trust a pension?” is often asked. We’ll first get down to the basics of defining a pension and pension fund, and how […]

How Saving Money Can Leave You Broke

The Pros and Cons of Saving Your Money and Being Part of a Pension Scheme To save or invest in a pensions towards your retirement? One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself while you still in employment. Saving does have its advantages over pensions in that you can access your funds earlier […]

Do You Need To Break Up With Your Pension Manager?

Signs That You Need To Change Your Pension Scheme If you think that not having a pension scheme for your employees is a cost saver on your part as an employer, then think again. A pension scheme not only offers many benefits to you, but also to your employees. Making the mandatory contributions to the […]

Could Gratuity Land You In Trouble

Common Misconceptions About Gratuity Issues of gratuity payments can be quite prickly to discuss and eventually resolve. But that need not be the case. Here we look at a few misconceptions around the subject of gratuity. The common gratuity pitfalls employers find themselves in, and how avoiding them is not so difficult. The company doesn’t […]

Are You Working Your Way To Poverty?

Understanding Why You Need To Ensure Your Employer Has A Pension Scheme In Place Preparing for retirement is not something that needs to be left for way later in your career. There are very few of us, if any who give a serious thought to retirement at least while in formal employment. We’re here to […]