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Overcoming Negative Perceptions on Retirement

You know it and I know it; the vast majority of Zambians do not have pensions, and even for those with the financial resource to join a scheme it is not on the top of their priority list. If you took a quick survey, most people would affirm that they know a retirement plan is […]

The Biggest Problem With Gratuity (And How You Can Fix It)

If you have ever driven long distance, you may know that sinking feeling when you notice the fuel gauge is flashing and you are several hundred kilometres from the next filling station. Worse still if your trip takes you through a game park! Likewise, a good retirement means enough resources to see you comfortably through […]

Pension or Business?

What is the best option for your retirement? You may have heard the saying, “tomorrow will sort itself out.” That is exactly the kind of thinking we don’t want you to have when it comes to retirement! It is no secret that many Zambians in formal employment are on short term contracts. This means many […]

Avoid a Bleak Financial Future

Perhaps the biggest problem with getting people to prepare for retirement is you have to ask them to do so when they are often at the peak of their productivity. A time when no one really wants to face the prospect of their own frailty and demise. When we look to our next victory and […]

Self-Isolation: This Is Just A Rehearsal

If self-isolation is a rehearsal for retirement, how ready are you? One of the reasons most people are reluctant to think about, let alone prepare for, retirement is because most of us have no foresight of what it will be like. Until now! Our experiences in this period have shown that self-isolation is a rehearsal […]

Why You Need To Act Now

The importance of preparing for retirement by having a plan beyond collecting a pension and dangers of not doing so

Why You Can Still Pursue Your Dreams

How To Ensure You Are Still Able To Follow Your Entrepreneurial Path The company you work for decides to declare you redundant and lay you off. You find yourself suddenly out of a job. This could be the very real reality for any one to face. Fortunately for you, you’ve been in pensionable employment and […]

Why Pensions Can Be A Nightmare

Stressed female holding temples

Understand Why Your Company Need a Professional Pensions Administrator It’s the time of year when you’re involved in strategic planning for the coming year. And one consideration you have on your checklist is that of compensation or remuneration packages. So,nowadays employees are looking for more within what you are offering them, and that is some […]

The Shocking Reason Many People Don’t Have A Pension Scheme

The Reason So Many Companies Are Comfortable With The Futures Of Their Staff So Unsecure Pension is a prickly subject for most companies to address, however pensions need not be the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone ignores. We look at some of shocking reasons many people don’t have a pension scheme and hope […]

Identifying a Great Pension Scheme

How To Recognise The Key Elements of A Great Pension Scheme What does your ideal pension scheme look like? Do you know the steps in identifying a great pension scheme? If you do not now would be a good time to learn. Before you sign up to the first one you see, a little due […]